An Application and Permit is required to work in the unincorporated right-of-way of Chatham County and applies to any person who desires to gain access to or locate a structure within any right-of-way within Chatham County. (Chatham County Rights-of-Way Encroachment Ordinance, Chapter 12; Article XI)

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Right of Way

Attach a sketch of engineering quality with dimensions on 8 ½" x 11" paper showing proposed work and subject to the Rules and Regulations and any special requirements forth herein. Please note: Only PDF files can be uploaded.
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A $55.00 Application Fee is Required.

Financial Guarantee Requirement - As indicated in the Chatham County Right of Way Ordinance, this guarantee will be returned by request of the permittee upon satisfactory construction and inspection by the Public Works Department. Upon completion of the job, call the Public Works Department for release of the bond. The work must be started and completed within 12 months of the issuance of the permit or the financial guarantee will be forfeited. This financial guarantee or bond is only required to ensure that the County's right-of-way is restored into pre-existing or better condition. The financial guarantee amount will be determined after the application has been reviewed.