• Yard Waste ONLY collected, once, weekly.
  • Separate yard waste from other bulky items.
  • Put "baggable" yard waste, such as pine straw, grass clippings, leaves, in a reusable container or purchase compostable Kraft paper bags. NO PLASTIC BAGS!
  • Keep weight of containers or bags to 50 lbs. or less.
  • Stack loose branches, limbs, brush, and larger tree prunings at the curbside for collection.
  • Maximum of 4 ft. lengths for tree trunks.
  • Place all yard waste at the curb by no later than 7:00 a.m. on the day of collection.
  • Stack all yard waste, including Kraft bags and loose materials away from utility and mail boxes.
  • Yard waste contaminated with plastic bags or bulky items or other non-vegetative yard waste materials WILL NOT BE COLLECTED.

Cardboard is not accepted with the weekly Yard Waste Pickup.

Cardboard is collected as part of the monthly Bulk Trash pickup. Simply pile the cardboard at the curb with your bulk items and the County will pick them up.

REMEMBER! Recycling Yard Waste Saves:

  • Landfill space
  • Money
  • Time

County Savings Continue to Mount through
Yard Waste Recycling Program

Chatham County has avoided nearly $233,800 in disposal fees for the month of June 2010 by recycling and diverting over 8,350 tons of yard waste collected and chipped into a reusable mulch product.

An even more positive note is that all the chip/mulch produced has been given away to the public free of charge. The chip/mulch material is available at County drop-off centers during normal operating hours. Residents interested in the material should bring containers and appropriate loading equipment.

QUESTIONS? CALL (912) 652-6840