The Georgia Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Act requires Chatham County to disclose the full cost of providing solid waste management services. The information below is provided in keeping with the requirements of the Act.

The Act also requires Chatham County to develop a strategy for reducing the amount of solid waste going into landfills and other disposal facilities. Such reductions may be accomplished by many techniques including recycling materials such as paper, glass bottles and jars and aluminum cans. It can also be accomplished by diverting yard waste from disposal facilities into backyard or other composting operations. Source reduction and precycling (making careful, conscious buying decisions about packing and goods before bringing them into our homes and businesses) saves money. If you are interested in obtaining additional information regarding ideas and methods to reduce waste, please contact David Nash, at 912-652-6856.

Full Cost Disclosure for
Provision of Solid Waste Management Services
July 1, 2004 to June 30, 2005

Type of Service Operating Revenues Full Cost
Collection $1,527,298.00 $1,759,785.00
Recycling $40,244.00 $88,810.00
Disposal $1,144,882.00 $424,560.00
Public education $0.00 $7,500.00
TOTAL $2,712,424.00 $2,280,655.00


For more information about this notice, please contact:
David A. Nash, Environmental Program Coordinator
P.O. Box 8161
7235 Sallie Mood Drive
Savannah, Georgia 31412
(912) 652-6840